Trifocus is the leading company that take the
environment into consideration.

Our main aim at Trifocus is to assist our clients and their daily needs. We are a company that stand strong and think outside of the box.

We have dissected and inspect a couple of houses in different regions and have come to the realisation that all the houses have 4 common daily needs to run as a normal household. The problem started with poor services or services providers that have a poor service structure which results in what should be every day needs turning to an everyday headache. The 4 needs have been identified as the following problem areas: Electricity, Water, Waste and Cooling.

So, as a result, we have taken these needs into consideration and saw an opportunity where we can improve and make life easier for you as our client without costing you more than what you can afford, while at the same time, being environmentally conscious.

We, at Trifocus, are very customer orientated and wish to develop a lasting and beneficial relationship with you as our client. You are not just a client, but one that we remain fully committed to.


Trifocus specializes in distributing and installing the following products for our clients:


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